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Call-Back and Prioritization Added to Self Storage Call Center Software.

February 20, 2024 | Categories:

“Call-Back” Eliminates Customer Hold Times While Boosting Customer Service


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Naperville, IL September 14th, 2020. CallPotential, the number one name in self storage communications, announces “Call-Back”, the newest feature release in their Call Center software. Call-Back allows customers on hold to have the choice of skipping the queue and requesting a callback when an agent becomes available.  


“With the increase in the volume of phone calls coming into our customers call centers due to the pandemic, it has become important to reduce or eliminate hold times.  We identified that adding a “Call-Back” feature was clearly a win for both the self storage operator and the self storage customer.” said Phil Murphy, President of CallPotential. “Owners are able to balance out their agent call volumes while customers don’t get stuck waiting in endless queues.  We love to innovate products and features that both enhance the customer experience and make operations a piece of cake for operators.” 


Contact Center provides self storage call center software solutions for mid-to-large operators who desire to control their customer interactions whether by phone, text or email all in one place. A deep API integration with most property management systems enables interaction types to be categorized by customer service function and prioritized into a queue. A prioritized queue may have leads answered first, followed by unknown customers, while past due customers are routed to a pay-by-phone system. 


This prioritization of sales means agents are not bogged down taking over the phone payments and are able to answer lead calls faster. The Call-Back feature was released to give current customers an option to request a call back when an agent is available rather than wait on hold, reduce abandon rates, as well as smooth out call spikes for contact center agents.  


Call-Back is currently available for Contact Center customers and can be requested for demonstration by visiting

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