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CallPotential Debuts New Module at SSA: Introducing Marketing Analytics

September 07, 2021 | Categories: , , ,


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Naperville, IL September 7th, 2021 - CallPotential, the #1 Communication Platform in Self Storage, is proud to announce the newest addition to their award-winning software, Marketing Analytics. The new module delivers integrated reporting on conversions from marketing campaigns across your digital and offline platform. The new tool unites website leads, phone calls, walk-ins, reservations, rentals, and more in a single location.

Traditionally, self-storage marketers relied on siloed reporting from their Property Management Software (PMS), Google Analytics, Google Ads, website, and walk-ins, suppressing phone calls and other offline conversations from reporting. Between the cumbersome and manual process of matching leads to rentals, accurate reporting and attribution was nearly impossible.

As a solution, CallPotential’s new Marketing Analytics gives marketers visibility into end-to-end customer journey data and attribution. From first touch through rental or loss, the system captures and reports on individual actions and conversions.

Boasting several new features, Analytics integrates Google Ads, PMS, and website data into a single, holistic program. Because of its new website integration, operators are now able to associate offline leads with their original contact attribution, eliminate data loss, and more accurately report on conversions. It also includes a new call tracking solution with Google Ads to eliminate blind spots and calculate return on investment (ROI) from paid and organic marketing on a granular level.

Through this, CallPotential transmits true conversions for calls, leads, and rentals back to Google Ads to more accurately determine which sources, ads, and keywords are driving rentals. This full-circle reporting will, in turn, help Google improve the audience in which operators’ paid ads are shown to. With more data, marketers can reveal what is and isn’t working, reallocate resources, and make better decisions on their marketing strategy overall.

Within the first month of implementation alone, integrating key features of Marketing Analytics led to a 3x increase in conversion actions captured. Without Marketing Analytics, those actions would have otherwise been lost. 

“Marketing Analytics is the first of its kind in our industry,” says CallPotential Founder and President, Phil Murphy. “The reporting provided will not only fundamentally reshape the logic behind every self-storage marketing campaign, but it will also be centralized in a singular platform. We’re expecting to see a substantial increase in conversion actions as CallPotential clients opt into Analytics.”

As a beta release, Marketing Analytics’ first iteration will rely heavily on feedback from clients and other self storage operators with more features and improvements to come.

The new Marketing Analytics module is now available for demonstration at


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CallPotential is the #1 Communication Platform in Self Storage. Built for and by operators, CallPotential was designed as a game-changing suite of technology that closes leads faster with less waste, reduces past due rent  with automation, and raises the caliber of customer service unlocking operators' maximum profit potential.

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