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Leading the Way: A Conversation with the SSA Women's Council Board

March 03, 2023 | Categories: ,

The Self Storage Association Women’s Council is a dynamic collective of leaders committed to advancing and empowering the self-storage industry. CallPotential is proud to sponsor both the SSA and SSA Women’s Council, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to four amazing women: Anna Dwyer (Vice President of Investments at Simply Self Storage), Jaclyn Hogan (Director of Business Development at CubeSmart), Alyssa Quill (CEO at Storage Asset Management), and Anastasia Malagasi (Business Development Manager at Life Storage).

Theresa Gallas (Janus Intl) and Kristi Adams (OpenTech Alliance) were unable to attend but we would like to give them a shoutout for their incredible contributions to the SSA Women’s Council as well. Read on to learn more about their inspiring stories, insights, and advice!



Advancements in the Storage Industry: From Trade Show Floors to Safe Spaces for Mentorship and Fellowship

Holly: “What progress has been made in the self-storage industry since you started?”

Progress in the storage industry was front and center when asked what advancements have been made since their careers began. Jaclyn remarked, "It's encouraging to see more women stepping up to take part in trade shows, and Alyssa echoed this sentiment, noting that the industry has become much more diverse regarding career opportunities. Alyssa said: "The industry has grown because there are not just operators; there is marketing, tech and support, and more. The landscape is much more diverse in career opportunities." Ginny Stengel, the Women's Council SSA Liaison, has had an especially significant impact in this regard, as she has helped to facilitate every Women’s Council meeting which has grown in numbers each year. 

The aforementioned founders, Anna, Jaclyn, Alyssa, Anastasia, as well as Theresa Gallas of Janus International and Kristi Adams of OpenTech Alliance, have formed the Women's Council as an invaluable resource for mentees and mentors, representing a safe space for fellowship and support. The industry is transforming, providing more avenues for everyone to reach their potential and thrive. As Anna points out, "The industry has grown a lot. The (self-storage) industry used to be more 'mom and pop', but companies are doing a great job maintaining the more 'intimate feel' that the smaller companies have." 
The broader takeaway from the conversation was unmistakable: thanks to an unwavering commitment from industry leaders like those on the panel today, storage is a quickly evolving industry that doesn't just encourage growth, but provides concrete pathways for success.

Leading With Confidence: Seize Your Seat at the Table

Holly: “What advice do you have for women venturing in the self-storage industry?”

Jaclyn urged women to be bold and ask questions: “Some of my biggest competitors are friends of mine.” Alyssa implored listeners to stay confident: “You deserve a seat at the table.” Anna encouraged women not to fear their gender differences and seek mentorship from men in the industry: “Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you’re any different from the men in the industry. There are a lot of really great men in the industry that will help you.” 


Lastly, Anastasia spoke about overcoming shyness and recommended: “If you are a shy person and you care about the work you’re doing, don’t be afraid to ask to join projects or groups. Share your goals with your boss. Join a project with your teammates. People will recognize your hard work.”


Speed Networking, Wine & Cheese: What More Could You Ask For?

The upcoming Self Storage Association’s Women's Council Event, Improving Your Financial Future, is shaping to be an outstanding event! 

Thursday, March 9th 5:00pm - 6:00pm at the SSA Conference in New Orleans, LA

Hosted by the highly accomplished Suzanne Mestayer, who runs a company concentrated on financial health, this event will undoubtedly be an ideal resource for all attendees. Jaclyn revealed that the event will feature wine, cheese, and a hybrid meeting full of speed networking, panel discussion, and networking pieces for attendees to connect. 

The keynote speaker, Suzanne Mestayer is a pro when it comes to all things financial health-- she has affiliations with several boards and nonprofits, and heads her own company within the space. After 30 minutes of hearing from Ms. Mestayer, there'll be time dedicated to networking, complete with wine and cheese!--and a unique hybrid meeting including speed networking, panel discussions, and a great chance for attendees to make new friends. 


Empowerment in Self-Storage: Get Connected with SSA Women’s Council 

CallPotential is proud to sponsor both the Self Storage Association and SSA Women's Council, and we would love to hear more about your experiences in the industry, too – please comment with your thoughts below! The SSA Women's Council provides a valuable platform for industry professionals to share their stories and advice, helping others learn and grow. Watch the webinar to hear more about these industry leaders' inspiring stories and advice. Want to join in but can't attend? Be sure to follow the Self Storage Association Women's Council on social media and join their groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also check out CallPotential's social media and blog for more insights from our guests.


Join us as we celebrate empowered women in self-storage! We look forward to connecting with you soon!


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