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CallPotential Testimonial: Moove In Self Storage

October 20, 2021 | Categories: , , ,

Moove In Self Storage reports increase in over-the phone-rentals from 5 to 60 using CallPotential's in-house call center software.

With over 40 locations across the Mid-Atlantic, Moove In Self Storage made the switch to an in-house call center using CallPotential's Contact Center software. The result? Improved call quality, customer service, reporting, and more.

"We've been using [CallPotential] for about 4 months to have our own in-house call center agents for calls coming from new customers. This level of increased customer service using our own employees, as opposed to another third party, has been nothing short of fantastic. We used to average 5 or 6 phone rentals a month, and now we're averaging 60 phone rentals a month."

Tune in below as Holly interviews Brian Foran, Director of Operations for Moove In Self Storage, on how CallPotential has helped their team:

→ Improve call quality and customer service

→ Boost over-the-phone rentals

→ Gain better visibility, data, and reporting from their leads and tenants


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