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Year in Review: Self Storage Communication in 2021

February 02, 2022 | Categories: , , , ,

You accomplished a lot over the last year!

The self-storage industry sent more messages than ever, tested new strategies to reach the prospect, and found ways to connect with tenants more effectively. Cheers to you!

We analyzed the metrics of all communications processed through CallPotential last year, and found some particularly interesting results. Enjoy!

CallPotential tracked and recorded over 19 million calls using over 26,000 tracking numbers. Of those calls, 64% were inbound vs. 36% outbound. Operators used our Performance Manager to analyze and grade over 71,644 calls, for peer-to-peer grading, self-grading and of course, manager grading.

Operators with internal call center operations powered by CallPotential Contact Center Software processed 3.4 million inbound calls with 1,190 of their own agents. 94,054 callers utilized our “request a callback feature” rather than choosing to remain on hold. 

Lead Manager saw a record 2.9 million follow-ups completed. 45% of these follow-ups were scheduled tasks in the form of live calls, 25% automated text messages, and 30% automated emails. Text Messaging saw the greatest gains, a 50% change year over year in terms of usage with more operators creating pre-set text and SMS templates with personalization in their workflow schedules triggered by predetermined actions. 

Collection Manager collected over $311 Million. $20 Million was collected via internal contact center, $68 million collected via email reminders, $154 million by IVR, and $58 million by text/sms. Plus, 146,968 new people signed up for autopay using Collection Manager (an increase of over 45% from last year!) Overall, each location averaged $86,651.64 collected. 

In 2021, CallPotential saved self-storage managers 7,300 workdays, 1,459 work weeks, and 336 work months equaling over 28 work years by automating and streamlining day-to-day tasks.


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