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Self-Storage Webinar: Mini Mall Storage Properties Spotlight

Enjoy Part 3 of our Remote Property Management webinar series.
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    Enjoy Part 3 of our Remote Property Management webinar series.
    You asked, we answered! Back by popular demand, we're bringing you part 2 of our Remote Property Management webinar series.
    Unattended Operations Panel Q&A Recap
    Self-storage operators have made a remarkable shift from tech-less to tech-savvy in the last 5 years.
    Self-storage operational success is largely predicated on the power of your facility sales team.   In this session, learn from fellow owner of Next Door Self Storage and CallPotential CEO Phil Murphy on how to set key performance metrics,...
    Did you know that voice is the next big thing in self-storage?   From simple commands to predictive AI, it’s no wonder why retail, healthcare, and other large industries have already implemented it in some form.    Tune in to our...
    Looking to start your own internal call center? Enjoy this operator-led session where we discuss everything you need to know about bringing your call operations in-house, including: Defining Different Call Center Structures Tools Needed for...
    The self-storage industry accomplished a lot last year! πŸŽ‰   Owners and operators sent more messages than ever, tested new strategies to reach prospects, and found ways to connect with tenants more effectively.   Join Phil Murphy and...
    As 2021 comes to a close, join our team as we predict what communication trends will be making headlines in 2022.  Interested in learning how CallPotential can improve your tenant communication? Schedule a demo here.
    "CallPotential is everything we've been wanting in a Call Center system.” With over 90 locations across the south, Jesse Munoz and his team from Move It Storage were looking for a call center solution that did more than just meet the bottom line....


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