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Introducing the “Remote Property Management Suite”

April 15, 2022 | Categories: , , ,

The new software bundle enables operators to provide remote service while streamlining operations.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Naperville, IL April 15th, 2022 - CallPotential, the #1 Communication Platform in Self-Storage, is proud to reveal the new “Remote Property Management Suite” to support the increased growth of remote self-storage operations. The new bundle enables operators to automate communication and collections, streamline rentals, and provide fully remote lead-to-rental service.

“We have been working with many of our clients the last few months to make sure they have the right tools to manage “Hub and Spoke, "Remote" or “Unattended” facilities,” says Phil Murphy, CEO and Founder of CallPotential. “Our vision has always been to find and solve problems that operators may not even know they have. With the Unattended Ops Suite, we’re excited to deliver on that vision and provide technology that helps optimize remote management, provide insight, and enhance the customer experience.”

With rapid growth from 1 to 100 locations in one year alone, Brett Copper of Copper Storage Solutions says “Now that we’ve officially started doing fully automated, unmanned management all the way across the board, the only way we can run our facilities is through our call center.

We built our own in-house call center that [manages] all outbound/inbound calls, and the only thing we can use is CallPotential. It’s fantastic, and it’s the whole crux of our business. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to take payments, have all this management, or rent units through multiple software. Honest to god, without it, I really don’t know what we would do.”

Through CallPotential’s seamless integration with most Property Management Software (PMS), the cloud-based tools included within the Unattended Ops Suite facilitate a contactless experience while giving operators a 360-view of their customers.

The new Remote Property Management Suite is available for demo by request at


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Brett Copper, Copper Storage Solutions
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