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What's a Call Abandonment Rate & How Can You Improve It?

July 17, 2023 | Categories: , ,

When your customers need help, the last thing they want is to wait for assistance. Call abandonment rate is the percentage of callers who hang up before being connected to a representative, and this number likely reflects customers who go unsatisfied with your service. How do you calculate call abandonment rate, and what can you do to improve it? Our industry experts weigh in with solutions below. 

Why is Call Abandonment Rate Important?

The goal of any call center is to assist customers, but when callers hang up before their questions get answered, that leads to frustration and potentially lost business. Industry experts have found that most call centers should expect a 5-8% call abandonment rate, with exact numbers varying on sector and demand. Still, working to lower your facility’s call abandonment rate can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction. 

Let’s start by understanding where you’re currently at. 


How to Calculate Call Abandonment Rate

Determining your facility’s call abandonment rate is simple. 

  1. Start by determining a measurable time frame to analyze your data. This can be a week, month, year, or any period of time. 
  2. Look at how many total calls you received in that time period. 
  3. Next, subtract the number of calls you successfully handled. This can be any call that was facilitated by a representative or left a message.
  4. Divide this number by the total calls received, and then multiply that number by 100. This will give you your call abandonment rate percentage. 
  5. In CallPotential we calculate this for you automatically 

Are you within the industry average? If not, or if you’re looking to lower your number, CallPotential can help. 


How to Improve Call Abandonment Rate 

Running an efficient call center makes a big difference not only for your customers but for your bottom line as well. When you have the tools and workflows to manage calls with ease, you’ll see a boost in both customer and employee satisfaction, bringing in more sales and improving customer experience. 


Our Call Center Software technology for self-storage makes it easy to route calls quickly and efficiently, sending callers exactly where they need to go. Whether it’s tenants calling about payments or prospects looking for pricing, CallPotential automatically detects who’s calling and who can serve them best, limiting customer frustration. 


Plus, our dashboard illustrates all the necessary details representatives need to effectively handle calls. 


CallPotential helps you: 

  • Control call flow
  • Increase conversions
  • Automatically route calls
  • Elevate the customer experience
  • Gain complete visibility into your call center operations

3 Ways to Improve Call Abandonment Rate with CallPotential! 

Every facility is different, as is every call that comes in to any facility at any given time. The CallPotential software was built for and by operators to provide solutions for problems we have all experienced. While identifying a problem is the first step, what are some ways you can reduce your abandonment rate? With the help of some tips from Hubspot on abandonment rates, we will explain how CallPotential assists in keeping your abandonment rates low in the self-storage industry. 


Automate time-intensive, repetitive tasks

Time is valuable when it comes to over-the-phone customer service. When you offer solutions to your customers to self-serve rather than be on the line with an agent, your agents can get back to other callers needing special assistance. With Lead Manager, you can support your agents AND manage your leads by automating your prospect follow-ups via text, or email.  Automating your rent collection process can dramatically reduce call volume by offering self-pay and auto-pay options with Collection Manager


Offer a call-back feature

With Contact Center from CallPotential, you can instantly connect callers to the ideal agents or pay by phone IVR with smart routing tools – minimizing frustration and making every call a closer, regardless of the topic. By also utilizing the CallPotential Contact Center Callback feature, you give callers an option to receive a call back rather than waiting on hold. 


Staff your representatives around your peak call times

Knowing when your facilities have the highest call volume is another critical insight to the success of your support managers. Within Contact Center are the Executive Dashboard and Communications Dashboard, where you can view data on your processes to better suit your traffic patterns. When you can see your traffic patterns week by week, you can make sure you staff around those peak times to avoid a higher risk of abandonment.

You can start to improve your call abandonment rate NOW with CallPotential, the game-changing suite of technology built by storage operators, for storage operators. Schedule a free demo to learn how our tools can help simplify your call center and keep you occupied today!

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