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CallPotential and KO Storage Partner to Streamline Call Operations and Leverage storEDGE Integration

November 08, 2023 | Categories: , , ,

The partnership is a testament to Storable’s recent acquisition of CallPotential for continued innovation and collaboration.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Naperville, IL - CallPotential, the leader in self-storage call center technology, has been selected by KO Storage (KO), one of the nation’s leading self-storage operators, to power their internal call center operations. The strategic partnership will enable KO to leverage the full potential of CallPotential's suite through its deep integration with storEDGE facility management software.

KO Storage, known for its extensive presence spanning 24 states with 200+ facilities, will now leverage CallPotential's advanced technology to streamline its operations and amplify its customer-centric approach.

Commenting on the partnership, Charles Gardiner, President of KO Storage, states, "After months of vetting CallPotential’s software, the driving decision was the recent unity of CallPotential with Storable. [Storable’s] storEDGE has played a crucial role in our scalability, and we’re excited to elevate even further with CallPotential’s continued innovation and unified contact center solutions.”

CallPotential, now a part of the Storable family, has earned a reputation for revolutionizing the self-storage industry through its innovative suite of solutions. The integration of CallPotential into storEDGE, brings together two industry leaders to provide an unparalleled solution for self-storage operators like KO.

“We’re looking forward to working with KO to transform their tenant communication and operations” says CallPotential Founder and President, Phil Murphy. “We’re seeing more and more operators realize the value that a unified contact center can present, and even further through CallPotential’s deep integration with industry-leading facility management systems,” he continued.

The CallPotential-storEDGE integration offers seamless and comprehensive insights that empower self-storage operators with enhanced customer management, communication, and operational efficiency. This synergy aligns perfectly with KO Storage's commitment to delivering superior service to its customers.


Key benefits of KO Storage's decision to choose CallPotential include:

Enhanced Customer Experience: With CallPotential's advanced communication tools, KO can now offer an improved customer experience, including streamlined rentals, personalized follow-ups, and efficient issue resolution.

Operational Efficiency:
The integration of CallPotential into storEDGE automates and simplifies various aspects of KO Storage's operations, reducing manual tasks and streamlining processes.

Data-Driven Insights:
KO Storage will now have access to valuable data and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making and a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviors.

Optimized Staff Productivity:
CallPotential's tools empower KO Storage's staff to work more efficiently, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional service to customers.

The partnership between KO Storage and CallPotential is a testament to the growing importance of technology in the self-storage industry. As technology continues to play a pivotal role in delivering enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency, this collaboration positions KO Storage at the forefront of the industry's evolution.

This exciting development underscores the continued dedication of KO Storage to exceeding customer expectations, a principle that has been at the core of their business for years.

For more information about KO Storage and their decision to choose CallPotential for their call center operations, please contact Holly Fiorello, Vice President of Marketing, CallPotential at or schedule a demo.


About KO Storage

Founded in 2016, KO Storage is a leading owner and operator of more than 200 self-storage facilities, primarily operating in the rural, secondary and tertiary markets. Backed by a deep understanding of the self-storage industry, KO Storage's value-add model leverages technology and repeatable processes to drive efficient operations and a streamlined customer experience. 

Today, KO Storage operates in over 24 states and is actively expanding its footprint in new markets across the lower 48 through new acquisitions and development opportunities. To learn more, visit


About CallPotential

CallPotential is an AI-powered solution provider revolutionizing customer service operations with its all-in-one contact center. By harnessing the power of automation, CallPotential facilitates seamless customer interactions across diverse channels, including voice, email, text, and video chat.

CallPotential automates mundane tasks, bolsters self-service capabilities, and enhances operational efficiency, redefining customer engagement in today's digital world. To learn more, visit


About Storable

Based in Austin, Texas, Storable is the world’s leading provider of self-storage technology. The business exists to help storage operators do more using their fully-integrated suite of products. Offering management software, websites, access control, insurance, payment processing and the internet’s largest marketplace for renting self-storage units, Storable products power the storage industry. Backed by decades of experience leading innovation, the Storable family of companies includes SiteLink, storEDGE and Easy Storage Solutions among others. With a fully distributed workforce, Storable is proud to serve more than 41,000 facilities. To learn more visit


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