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CallPotential Debuts Virtual Agent for Two-Way Video at SSA Las Vegas

February 20, 2024 | Categories:

Experience The Power of Two-Way Video Communications at SSA

Naperville IL, August 30, 2023  - CallPotential, the leader in Contact Center technology for the self-storage industry, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Virtual Agent for two-way video communication. The innovative feature is set to empower operators with a comprehensive solution that fuels operational capabilities and transforms the customer experience.


Enhanced Customer Engagement with Real-Time Video Communication

The new video feature enables agents to conduct face-to-face customer engagements, seamlessly verifying renters, completing rentals, and addressing customer queries. Like all CallPotential technology, its cloud-based functionality allows video calls to be initiated from off-the-shelf devices such as tablets, phones, laptops or monitors to eliminate the need for costly hardware investments, repairs, and downtime.


Designed for Scalability with Effortless Implementation

Based on direct operator feedback, Virtual Agent has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate all operational models, making it adaptable for remote and on-site stores. This flexibility enables operators to optimize existing staff, streamline interactions, and implement at scale.

The feature also boasts video call recording, creating a reliable audit trail. Operators can access documented records of customer interactions and transactions, providing accurate and visual evidence. This ensures transparency and safeguards the interests of both operators and customers.


Seamless Integration and Exceptional Customer Experience

With its seamless integration into the CallPotential platform, the two-way video feature works harmoniously with voice, chat, email, and SMS channels powered by our Contact Center technology. Operators can effortlessly switch between communication modes, effectively addressing customer inquiries and swiftly resolving any issues from one source of truth. From sharing lease and payment links to providing real-time maintenance support through live video, tenants can enjoy a consistent and exceptional experience throughout their interactions.


Commenting on the new feature, CallPotential Founder and President Phil Murphy says, "Unveiling Virtual Agent is a pivotal moment for us, as it marks the first product to emerge from our Labs initiative. This initiative embodies our commitment to rapidly iterate and bring new functionality to our platform based on user needs. We've received substantial feedback from operators that confirmed the demand for real-time video engagements. It's thrilling to not only meet this demand but deliver a solution that seamlessly integrates into their existing contact center. We remain optimistic about the transformative impact this will have on self-storage operations moving forward."


Discover the Power of CallPotential's Virtual Agent

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