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Discover the New Contact Center Dashboard for Self Storage Operators

May 20, 2021 | Categories: , , ,

Contact Center Dashboard


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Naperville, IL May 20, 2021 - CallPotential today unveiled the beta release of their new Call Center Dashboard, a significant enhancement to the internal Contact Center software. The new dashboard gives operators full visibility into day-to-day operations including call, queue and agent performance metrics. As a beta release, the dashboard's first iteration will rely heavily on feedback from clients and other self storage operators with more features and improvements to come.

With the launch of this new tool, managers and teams can analyze their performance and KPI’s at a glance and gain clarity into dozens of call center analytics including calls, queues, service level, agent availability and performance. Through a centralized view and real-time reporting, teams can unlock actionable insights to improve quality control and training opportunities.

The dashboard will only further improve call quality for those who have already been using Contact Center. Because of its seamless integration with most Property Management Softwares, operators are able to answer their own calls and provide service at a higher caliber than third-parties can provide.

Commenting on the new launch, Cindy Ashby, Chief Operating Officer of StoreEase, says “We can always count on CallPotential to evolve and improve our experience in this dynamically changing industry."

As a 7-time winner of the “Best Call Center Services” ISS Best of Business award, CallPotential strives to deliver the best possible call center software and experience. “We’re proud to reveal the new dashboard in an effort to drastically improve how operators view their call center activity," says CallPotential Founder and President Phil Murphy. "The dashboard offers a better visualization of granular data through a single view so managers can reduce time spent on data consumption and optimize their service. It’s really going to revolutionize how we view our call center data, and we’re excited to see results through happy clients and even happier tenants.”

The new Call Center Dashboard is available for Contact Center customers and can be requested for demonstration at

Already a Contact Center user? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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