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CallPotential Announces Hummingbird Property Management Software Integration

January 30, 2023 | Categories: , ,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Naperville, IL January 30, 2023 - CallPotential, the #1 Communication Platform and best-in-class CRM, and Tenant Inc., a leading provider of self-storage software, are excited to announce the beta integration of the CallPotential suite and Tenant Inc.’s Hummingbird property management software. The integration will allow operators to easily access and utilize CallPotential's powerful automation, communication, and internal call center tools within the familiar interface of their property management software. 

With CallPotential's award-winning platform, Hummingbird customers can now leverage a host of new features,  including intelligent call routing and recording, automated payment reminders and follow-up, and real-time data on customer interactions. This will allow operators to better manage their properties and improve their customer service, all within a singular interface. 

"We are excited to be partnering with Hummingbird to bring our operational solutions together," said Phil Murphy, CEO of CallPotential. "We're constantly looking for ways to help our clients work more efficiently. By integrating with Hummingbird, we're making it possible for other operators to more effectively manage and take control of their operations. We’re looking forward to the impact this will have on current Hummingbird users.” 

Together, CallPotential and Hummingbird’s platforms will allow for a seamless exchange of customer data, taking property management and scalability to the next level.

"CallPotential provides a critical service for remote management,” said Lance Watkins, CEO of Tenant Inc. “Hummingbird has the infrastructure to support intuitive third-party solutions that make operating storage properties more efficient. We’re excited to stretch the possibilities with telephony solutions.”

The beta integration is available today, with more improvements and added features to come. Those interested in participating in the beta can reach out at 

For more information on CallPotential, please visit For more information on Hummingbird Property Management Software, please visit 

About Tenant Inc.

Tenant Inc. builds self storage software, for self storage people. We offer a unified ecosystem of self storage products tailored to the real needs of the self storage industry. Our software automates self storage businesses so operators can spend less time on their day-to-day while still seeing their profits grow. 

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