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Cubix Asset Management Unveils New Call Center and AI Chatbot to Enhance Customer Experience

February 20, 2024 | Categories:

News provided by Cubix Asset Management, originally published on

DANVILLE, Calif., US, August 23, 2023 -- Cubix Asset Management, a premier self-storage operator in Northern and Central California, is revolutionizing the tenant experience with the launch of Swivl's AI-powered chatbot and CallPotential's call center service.

With 80 years of combined experience, Cubix Asset Management (Cubix) is a trusted industry expert, owning and operating a portfolio of 38 properties comprising over 23,000 storage units and 2.8 million sq. ft.

The new call center and AI chatbot service enhance Cubix's comprehensive suite of services, including property management, acquisition and development, site planning, market analysis, and financial modeling.

The call center acts as a centralized hub, providing timely and professional responses to customer inquiries for rentals. Staffed by experienced professionals, it helps property owners maximize revenue and minimize expenses.

The Swivl chatbot offers instant support to customers 24/7, leveraging artificial intelligence to respond to user queries efficiently. This tool contributes to Cubix's goal of delivering a premium service experience.

Mason Levy, CEO of Swivl, expressed excitement about working with Cubix to bring a modern user interface and intuitive digital experience to their customers. Swivl's automated interactions help with sales inquiries, payment assistance, problem-solving, and more.

Cubix is committed to sustainable practices and designs green, state-of-the-art facilities that minimize environmental impact. The company's brand is preferred by over 400 self-storage operators.

Besides its services, Cubix handles HR, compliance, and facility operations, providing great support to optimize clients' self-storage businesses. Its financial reporting and performance analysis help clients make data-driven decisions.

The launch of the new call center and AI chatbot marks a significant milestone for Cubix in its mission to provide exceptional self-storage solutions. The company's industry expertise, innovative technology, and customer-centric approach set new standards in the self-storage industry.

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About Cubix Asset Management

Cubix Asset Management is a premier self-storage company with a strong presence in Northern and Central California. With over 80 years of combined experience, the company has designed, owned, and developed more than 400 self-storage facilities. Managing a portfolio of 38 properties, Cubix delivers exceptional customer experiences and tailored storage solutions. Their comprehensive services include property management, acquisition and development, design plans, permits, and consulting. Through innovative technology, sustainable practices, and premium service, Cubix helps clients maximize their self-storage assets and achieve success.

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