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Customer Spotlight: Absolute Storage Management

February 20, 2024 | Categories:

“Thank you CallPotential for making our sales center possible!”

We're excited to share our latest customer spotlight on Absolute Storage Management and their journey to success with CallPotential. Join us as we sit down with Grace Totty, VP of Marketing at Absolute, to hear about their newly-launched sales center powered by CallPotential's call center technology, and more!



The self-storage industry is constantly evolving and growing, making technology more integral than ever to internalize and streamline operations. By bringing operations in-house, operators can benefit from having amplified control and oversight over their operations, customize them to meet their specific needs, promote brand consistency, and provide a superior customer experience by having their staff take care of customer inquiries. 

In our latest webinar, we’re joined by Absolute Storage Management’s VP of Marketing, Grace Totty, to discuss the launch of their successful new sales center powered by CallPotential. Through the conversation, you’ll learn about Absolute’s decision to internalize their call operations, and how they’re reaching operational goals through improved collection management, conversion rates, tenant onboarding, and more!

Leveraging Technology for Improved Sales and Collection Management

Grace talked about her journey as the Marketing VP at Absolute, where she has seen first-hand the power of leveraging technology to increase automation and drive returns. During our discussion, Grace imparted valuable insights on how they established an automated sales center that increases leads with remarkable ease and improved their collections process dramatically. Grace emphasized, "We wanted to ensure our tenants had the best experience possible, and that started with the right technology in place." 

Streamlining Tenant Onboarding for Maximum Self-Storage Profitability

When asked about the advantages of implementing a software-driven collection management system, Grace noted, "By utilizing a software-integrated process, we were able to increase our efficiency and reduce losses due to tenant delinquency." She also stressed the importance of providing customers with an easy lease signing process in order to increase conversions. "There is no one-size-fits-all solution to launching a sales center. It's important to find the right combination that works for your business."

Reach Your Operational Goals & Enhance Efficiency


This success story is just one example of how automating processes can benefit any self-storage operation - and it all started with CallPotential's Collection Manager. We are proud to be part of the journey to success for Absolute Storage Management and incredibly proud to partner with Absolute Storage Management and that Grace joined us on the webinar. As Grace put it, “Thank you CallPotential for making our sales center possible!” If you want to learn more about how leveraging technology can help increase your operational control and enhance your customer experience, don't miss out on watching our full webinar video now! 

If you have any questions about how CallPotential can help streamline your operations, schedule a demo here. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for reading! 

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