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Customer Story: How Citizen Storage Elevates the Customer Experience with CallPotential Contact Center

February 20, 2024 | Categories:

We’ve joined forces with Citizen Storage President and CEO Peter Spickenagel to discuss the recent launch of their internal contact center, powered by CallPotential.

Discover how the partnership has impacted Peter’s operations, as well as some interesting takeaways, in our most recent webinar and blog. 

To get in touch with Peter, reach him at:

Over time, Citizen Storage has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and optimizing operations. With 11 locations across 3 states, they took a giant leap forward by launching their own state-of-the-art internal call center, further strengthening their commitment to their customers. The engine driving this change? None other than our advanced contact center software here at CallPotential.

Citizen Storage CEO, Peter Spickenagel, put it perfectly: "We are excited to introduce our internal call center as it allows us to enhance our customer-centric approach further. By directly in-housing our core competency, sales, and customer service, we can provide our customers with a more personalized and efficient experience. This initiative aligns with our mission to deliver exceptional service and build lasting relationships,"

We’re thrilled to jump on board, eager to blend our call center expertise with Citizen Storage's deep-seated industry knowledge. And the result? A call center environment that promotes excellence and efficiency, empowering their team with the right tools and comprehensive knowledge about Citizen Storage's facilities, services, and offerings.

What makes this partnership so special? It's more than empowering the call center agents with the information they need to effectively assist customers, from renting units over the phone to addressing queries and concerns in real-time. It's also about shaping a new standard in the self-storage industry, demonstrating how streamlined operations can lead to stronger customer connections.

Our founder and president, Phil Murphy, puts it succinctly: "We are thrilled to partner with Peter and the Citizen Storage Management team as they establish their own internal call center. This decision reflects Citizen's commitment to providing exceptional customer service and optimizing its operational efficiency. We're excited to support their growth and look forward to empowering them with our advanced technology and industry expertise," 

The launch of the call center has already started to pay dividends:

  • Reduced response times - serving customers more quickly and effectively.
  • Increased issue resolution rates - leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Development of an environment that promotes efficient problem-solving - fostering a culture of excellence and agility.

It's a testament to the power of collaboration and the willingness to embrace innovation.

And that's not all. As more people seek reliable and convenient storage options, Citizen Storage is well-positioned to handle a surge in rentals and solidify its market presence. With this proactive, customer-focused approach, Citizen Storage is all set to elevate the self-storage experience to unprecedented heights.

At CallPotential, we're passionate about empowering self-storage businesses to excel. We're proud to stand alongside Citizen Storage in this exciting new chapter, and we look forward to witnessing their internal call center's profound impact on their future growth.

For self-storage operators and owners, our partnership with Citizen Storage offers a compelling example of how technology can help to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive business success. It's an invitation to all self-storage owners and operators to harness the potential of advanced call center technology in redefining customer experience and operational efficiency.

But why just read about it? Experience the power of CallPotential firsthand. We invite all self-storage owners and operators to schedule a demo with us and discover how our advanced call center solutions can supercharge your customer service operations. Let's partner to create success stories together!

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