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Visit CallPotential in Booth 614 at the TSSA Big Ideas Annual Conference

February 20, 2024 | Categories:

CallPotential is headed to Fort Worth! Find us in Booth 614 at the upcoming Texas Self Storage Association's Big Ideas Annual Conference.  Before you go, here's what you need to know:


Booth #614: Where Innovation Meets The Lone Star State 

- Next-Gen Tech: Booth #614 is your view into the next era in self-storage. Explore the latest innovations in self-storage technology that reinforce progression in our industry's landscape.
- Meet Scott Worden: Stop by our booth and connect with our Director of Business Development, Scott Worden. Access our latest developments, discuss industry trends, and explore opportunities for collaboration.


Introducing Virtual Agent for Two-Way Video: Elevating Tenant Interactions 

We're proud to unveil our new Virtual Agent for Two-Way Video at the show:

- Real-Time Conversations: Imagine having personal, real-time interactions with tenants. Two-Way Video makes it possible, from renter verifications to in-depth client discussions.
- Cloud-Based & Integrated:
This adaptable, cloud-based tool seamlessly integrates into your operations, enhancing efficiency and convenience.
- Exclusive Beta Access:
Be among the first to experience it - sign up for the beta waitlist for updates.

Join Scott's Roundtable: Exploring AI in Self-Storage 

Join our Director of Business Development, Scott Worden, at his roundtable discussion: "AI-Powered Contact Centers: The Future of Customer Service in Multi-Location Self-Storage Operations." Obtain a perspective on how AI is influencing the industry's transformation:

- AI's Impact: Learn how AI improves customer experience in multi-location self-storage operations.
- Advanced Call Flow Routing: Discover how AI-driven call routing enhances efficiency, reduces response times, and improves customer experiences.
- Future of AI: Explore the limitless potential of AI and how it can continue to benefit the self-storage industry.


Dedication Beyond the Booth 

Our commitment extends far beyond the booth:

- Active Community Engagement: Scott Worden is not just a participant; he's an active member of the TSSA 2023 Charitable Fundraising Committee. Learn about the committee here.

- Did you hear the news? We've joined the Storable family - opening doors to new opportunities and ventures, solidifying our dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions that streamline operations and elevate your business. Swing by our booth to learn more, or check out our official announcement here.

- We're More than Software: CallPotential is your go-to resource for industry trends, emerging technology, and the latest and greatest in self-storage technology. Join our blog for eBooks, articles, webinars, and more.

We can't wait to see you in Texas. But why wait? Let's kickstart the conversation and schedule a demo before the show.

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